About jarred

I grew up in San Diego biking, surfing, fishing and spending time outdoors with my dad and friends. After receiving a GoPro for Christmas at the age of 18, I began to pursue photography as both a passion and career path, shaping the lifestyle I live today. Bouncing between fishing and photography seasonally since then, I have developed a niche for both allowing me to create content and work at the same time. Whether I am on a tugboat, fishing boat, yacht, traveling or just sitting at home, I am always working hard to maintain the self employed lifestyle that I love. Social media marketing, advertising and content creation is what I do, and I am thankful to be blessed to do so. As time flies by, I aspire to see every place on the globe one day and fish all the waters along the way. Until then, you can catch me mountain biking, photographing, surfing and fishing here in sunny San Diego.